AKAI EWM1 F/EWI Mouthpiece

A Genuine Akai Replacement Mouthpiece For Your Akai EWIUSB, EWI4000S, Or EWI5000 Wind Controller.


Akai Professional’s EWI Series grace studios and stages worldwide, offering the forward-thinking wind-instrumentalist with the ultimate solution for unprecedented musical expression and unchartered sonic heights. At the heart of the EWI Series is the precision engineered mouthpiece, ultra-responsive with an air-pressure level sensor and bite sensor for maximum expressive capability. Whether you have worn our your old EWI mouthpiece or simply looking to share playing responsibilities with a bandmate, then EWM1 is the solution – a genuine Akai replacement mouthpiece for the Akai EWIUSB, EWI4000S, or EWI5000 wind controllers. Built to factory spec and engineered to form the core of your performance’s delivery, get the best out of your EWI controller with EWM1 – your performance demands it!



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