Blackstar DEBUT 50R BLACK 50W 1 X 12 Combo BA 213012

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Product Description

The Debut 50R is a simple and elegant alternative to entry level digital modelling amplifiers. Ideal for pedal players, the Debut 50R focuses more on tone and usability rather than unwanted features. This versatile amp is perfect for guitar players of all levels, whether jamming in a bedroom, practicing in a small room, or performing on stage.

Featuring a discrete MOSFET preamp, patented ISF tone control, digital reverb, Line input, speaker emulated Line output, series effects loop, power reduction and two footswitchable channels the Debut 50R is the perfect choice for practice, recording, and gigging and the ideal tool for guitarists seeking simplicity, power, and tone in an all-analogue package.

Key Features

  • Great for Gigs and Practice – No fuss 50W all-analogue amplifier with digital reverb, perfect for both beginners and gigging guitarists.
  • MOSFET Preamp – Overdrive characteristics of MOSFETs are similar to those of valves. The R&D team at Blackstar have gone beyond other manufacturer’s MOSFET designs to deliver a preamp that is virtually indistinguishable from the chosen valve references.
  • Power Reduction – Choices from 50W down to 5W allows you to play at lower volumes without sacrificing tone.
  • Clean and Overdrive Channels – The overdrive channel is based on Blackstar’s award-winning St. James 6L6 overdrive – a modern British valve overdrive. The clean channel is based on the revered HT-20R MKII clean sound, with lots of headroom that breaks up naturally when pushed hard – great as a pedal platform. Can be switched via a footswitch (nor included).
  • Infinite Shape – Patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) tone control for the ultimate in user sound customisation.
  • Line Input Sources – High-quality playback of Line Input sources means you can use your Debut 50R to listen to music, backing tracks and more, through the speaker or headphones.


  • Power: 50 Watts
  • Channels: Clean and Overdrive (footswitchable)
  • Voice Switch: Clean Bright
  • EQ: Bass, Middle, Treble and Patented ISF
  • Effects: ‘Plate’ and ‘Hall’ Reverb
  • Speaker Emulated Line / Headphone output: Y
  • Line Input: Y (Stereo through Headphones)
  • Power Reduction: Y (Down to 5W)
  • Footswitchable: Y (Channel and Reverb)
  • Speaker: 1 x 12”
  • Mains Voltage Input: Universal (100-240VAC)
  • Controls – Clean, Overdrive, Equalisation, Reverb
  • Jacks: Line Out/Headphones – Footswitch – Effects Loop (Send and Return)
  • Mains Input: 100V-240V ~ 50/60hz – 115 Watts




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