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Nord C2D – Organ

Church on Sunday mornings, clubs on Saturday nights. The Nord C2 Organ plays both places just right.

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The Nord C2 Combo Organ includes B3 tone wheel organ, a Vox* Continental and a Farfisa* and a beautiful baroque pipe organ. This makes the C2 an extremely versatile instrument, providing not only rock organ players a new palette of sounds, but also the perfect instrument to use in churches, concert and congregation halls or any other venue where a high quality pipe organ instrument is paramount.

From the golden age of organ building we have carefully chosen a baroque organ with a devastatingly beautiful sound and wide range of expression for the C2 pipe organ part. Using cutting edge sampling technique, no efforts have been spared in producing the richest and most varied sound palette for the pipe organ player.
The C2 pipe organ is built upon two basic types of organ pipes; flue pipes and reed pipes.

The flue pipes have a softer timbre and the reed pipes a more nasal tone quality. For each keyboard division the player can choose from different sets of pipes, stops, to produce different timbres. The C2´s setup of stops make up a well-balanced blend of tonal qualities capable of expressing the most dramatic music to conveying the most subtle of organ pieces.